Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between using Poor Man and a federal copyright?
A: A poor man certificate holds almost identical value as a copyright. However, in the event you win a suit, you can recoup legal expenses with a federal copyright.

Q: Can I use Poor Man for older songs in my catalog?
A: Yes! The sooner you get them registered the better.

Q: Can I use poor man for demos? Voice Memos?
A: If the quality is clear enough to make out the melody and lyrics, then yes.

Q: What is a cryptographic hash?
A: Cryptographic hashes use advanced mathematical formulas to identify and verify that the data provided to us (i.e. the MP3 and song information) is completely unique and has not changed from the time a certificate was generated.

Q: What is the max file size I can upload?
A: 15MB (Megabytes) or 15728640 bytes, to be exact.

LAST UPDATED: 2019-05-07